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  • CandleCONTEST and its boxSECOND LIFE- 180g

    Your vegetable candle in its pearly glass will diffuse a delicate perfume in your interior, fragrances designed by Raphaël Haury, nose in Grasse, and waxed in the Biarritz workshop.
    Its box illustrated and signed Jellyfish with double lid, will keep the fragrances of your candle longer.
    Perfume Salon de thé: TEA NOTE, CITRUS
    Tribute to Biarrots tea rooms: black tea, Sicilian citrus and green verbena.

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    Double metal lid
    Dimensions: ø8.3cm x 11.5cm
    Quality manufacturing
    Decoration made manually in France
    Average capacity: 100g of tea, 100g coffee beans, 150g ground coffee, 350g lentils, semolina, rice, sugar.

  • illustration©Jellyfish-travel poster

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